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Petra is the historic Nabataean capital in the south of Jordan. This archaeological city with its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system is being visited by many tourists. The monumental buildings, temples, royal tombs and luxurious houses are carved into the red/rose rocks of the Umm al-Biyara massif, therefore Petra is also known as Rose City. In the field of cultural heritage and archeology is Petra perhaps the most beautiful in the world.

Most hotels are found in the towns around Petra. These towns are: Wadi Musa, Dana, Al Jayah, At Tayyibah and At Tafilah. The most popular hotels are: Taybet Zaman Hotel & Resort in Aţ Ţayyibah five stars, Beit Zaman Hotel & Resort in Wadi Musa five stars, Grand View Hotel in Wadi Musa four stars, La Maison Hotel in Wadi Musa three stars, Candles Hotel in Wadi Musa three stars, Edom Hotel in Wadi Musa three stars, Al Anbat Hotel & Restaurant in Wadi Musa three stars, Al Rashid Hotel in Wadi Musa one star, Sunset Hotel in Wadi Musa one star and Petra by Night in Wadi Musa one star.

The attractions of Petra are: The Siq (main road leading to the city of Petra), Obelisks Tomb, the Dam, the Treasury, The Street of Facades, the Theatre, The Urn Tomb (The Court), the Silk Tumb, Corinthian tomb, the Palace Tumb, The Sextius Florentinus Tomb, Baptist Straat, The Buildings, Pond and Gardens Complex, the Great Temple, Winged Lions Temple, Churches, The Girl`s Palace, the Altar, The Forsa Valley, the Garden Temple, The Tomb of the Roman Soldier and Funeral Ballroom, The Renaissance Tomb and the Monastery.

Petra was chosen by the Smithsonian Magazine as one of the "28 Places to See Before You Die".

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